The Writer

I have been a student at Bloomsburg since August of 2014. While I took a year off I discovered my passion for writing and individuals in society in regards to societal norms which allowed me to return to school with a major I am now passionate about: Mass Communications with a concentration in Journalism and English with a minor in Digital Rhetoric and Professional Writing.

Scroll through my collection of essays, papers, and articles I completed during my undergraduate career through the following categories:

Bible as Literature 

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Professional Writing

Rhetoric and Professional Writing

Writing and Scholarly Prompts

Some artifacts are featured on multiple pages. The class names above; Bible as Literature, Professional Writing, and Rhetoric and Professional Writing, are all classes I had taught by professor, Dr. Michael Martin. He has had one of the biggest impacts on my life and is in my opinion, one of the greatest professors Bloomsburg has to offer. He not only helped me grow as a writer but also encouraged the growth of Off White.