Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday : 20 Questions

I answered 20 questions with the birds&the bees in mind on Off White. Rated M for Mature.

college writing

Google Maps Assignment

Dr. Martin came up with a creative assignment due this week. It's purpose is to better understand ourselves, not only from a scholarly standpoint, but a personal one as well. While working on this assignment, I've learned the basis of my approach to rhetorical analysis and based on my past I tend to approach an… Continue reading Google Maps Assignment

college writing

Another Movie Night

Two weeks ago, my class met to watch The Ten Commandments. It's not something I would pop in the DVD player on a Friday night, but I can't say it was bad. In perspective of the time it was released (1956) this movie would have been totally moving to me. I can say the thing… Continue reading Another Movie Night