Blog #23, Day 65

Sunday, August 5th, 2018, at 9:57pm I spent minimal time reflecting on July. It was a giant ball of toxic waste and I'm looking forward to August bringing a fresh start. What's on the agenda? Some pretty great things. For once I'm more excited about my professional life than my social one. I'm finally surrounding … Continue reading Blog #23, Day 65


#ThrowitbackThursday on Top

This Thursday I'd like to throw it back on top. I often hear my guy friends complain about girls either not knowing how to ride or simply not wanting to and I thought about it this. Is it that females really are unsure or are we just getting kinda lazy? Maybe both. In my personal … Continue reading #ThrowitbackThursday on Top

Blog #21, Day 61

Tuesday, July 31, 2018 at 6:08pm So July really wasn't my month but also behind closed doors, it kinda was. Eventually, I'm going to start posting multiple times a day just to get that blog number up. The gap is bugging me.   What are some major points from this month? Sisters and sex Surprise! … Continue reading Blog #21, Day 61

Blog #20, Day 51

Saturday, July 21, 2018 at 6:00pm So I guess lately I've been wondering why my "A Day In the Life..." posts aren't really as sexual as I'd desire, so here you have it: Off White XXO's 'A Day In the Life' category is extremely personal and highly rated XXX. With that being said, I will … Continue reading Blog #20, Day 51

Tuesday Tunes: Birthday Sex

In honor of my 22nd birthday tomorrow, here’s a playlist for your special day. Celebrate in your birthday suit with these tunes to set the mood! What song is your bedroom go to?

Blog #10, Day 14

I'm realizing while I approach the second week of June that I've spent more days intoxicated than sober. The only downside is that the sugar intake is making me break out. Other than that, this summer is going great. It's #ThrowitbackThursday and I'm super excited for the super juicy content I'm dropping when I get … Continue reading Blog #10, Day 14

I kissed a girl…

As an outspoken girl that's open minded about many things, I've noticed the one thing that rarely comes up in conversation with my girl friends is girl on girl action. While we'll openly share stories from boys and blow jobs to periods and pms, it's very rare that we exchange any sentences about things outside … Continue reading I kissed a girl…