Oh No, Nicki…

Today on Tuesday Tunes, I honestly just want to shit talk what seems to be (at least to me) the end of Nicki's reign. While others would like to believe it's due to newer, younger artists, I honestly think she's walking her way right to irrelevancy. I guess there are also those people who just … Continue reading Oh No, Nicki…


Blog #23, Day 65

Sunday, August 5th, 2018, at 9:57pm I spent minimal time reflecting on July. It was a giant ball of toxic waste and I'm looking forward to August bringing a fresh start. What's on the agenda? Some pretty great things. For once I'm more excited about my professional life than my social one. I'm finally surrounding … Continue reading Blog #23, Day 65

Love Multiplied

Being a Gemini, I'm aware I love differently than others. This caused me to look at the different types of relationships we have in society. How do you show love?

Pound Town Playlist

I know I wrote a lot of shit about grooving to groovy tunes and how it kills my mood, but if you're gonna do it anyway, let me at least help you do it right.