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Gift card Giveaway Winners!

Hey guys, I know this post was meant for yesterday but my work schedule is driving me nuts ! The two winners are (insert drumroll)Wordpress blogger BludgersandBroomsticks and Instagram follower Heidi! I will be contacting both shortly to fill there gift card wishes.  Thanks to everyone that participated ! I will definitely be doing another… Continue reading Gift card Giveaway Winners!

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Rhetorical Analysis

This past week of classes (really class) we discussed more on the topic of rhetorical analysis, emphasizing it's role in American politics. After three weeks of classes there are many things I have learned for certain about rhetorical analysis and the role it plays in society. Doctor ¬†Martin stated in class that rhetoric is the… Continue reading Rhetorical Analysis

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My Term Paper

So one requirement for this class is the major paper that's due on December 5th.For my paper I decided¬†I will be analyzing¬†comparisons and contrasts of biblical poetry as opposed to non-biblical poetry. To do this I have chosen four themes; life, love, death, and nature, to compare and contrast. By picking certain themes, I am… Continue reading My Term Paper

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The Midterm

Prior to last weeks strike, students were filling classrooms preparing for midterms at Bloomsburg University. The stress, the knowledge, and the books were all just memories until this morning when it was time to return to class again. As 8 o'clock approached, I prepared myself (mentally) to go over the midterm our class had taken… Continue reading The Midterm

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Jesus Christ Superstar

During this past movie night for Bible as literature, we watched Jesus Christ Superstar. This was my first time watching this movie, and I LOVED IT. This movie was released in 1973, however it was previously seen as a rock opera on Broadway in 1970. In my opinion this movie is simply the 70's interpretation… Continue reading Jesus Christ Superstar

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Monday Funday?

This day of the week has always been the worst for many. Although I don't really enjoy them, I wouldn't say I hate them. This morning was different though. This morning, my roommate woke me up because the fire alarms in our building were going off. Since I can sleep through absolutely anything, I assumed… Continue reading Monday Funday?

The Write-Brain Workbook Prompts

The Write-Brain Workbook

While strolling through Ollie's one day, I happened to find a really interesting book called "The Write-Brain Workbook" which includes 336 exercises to liberate your writing. Bonnie Neubauer is the author. I figured for only $3.99 it could be a good idea to challenge my writing. I decided to dedicate a whole category to these… Continue reading The Write-Brain Workbook

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Girls & Cars

Today's post content is very near and dear to my heart. Recently I have experienced some tragic car troubles including but not limited to a broken radiator, a malfunctioning fuel pump, and a cracked rim. 2015 has taught me many things, the main one being - just because I am a girl does not mean… Continue reading Girls & Cars