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Google Maps Assignment

Dr. Martin came up with a creative assignment due this week. It's purpose is to better understand ourselves, not only from a scholarly standpoint, but a personal one as well. While working on this assignment, I've learned the basis of my approach to rhetorical analysis and based on my past I tend to approach an… Continue reading Google Maps Assignment

college writing

Rhetorical Analysis

This past week of classes (really class) we discussed more on the topic of rhetorical analysis, emphasizing it's role in American politics. After three weeks of classes there are many things I have learned for certain about rhetorical analysis and the role it plays in society. Doctor ¬†Martin stated in class that rhetoric is the… Continue reading Rhetorical Analysis

college writing

My Term Paper

So one requirement for this class is the major paper that's due on December 5th.For my paper I decided¬†I will be analyzing¬†comparisons and contrasts of biblical poetry as opposed to non-biblical poetry. To do this I have chosen four themes; life, love, death, and nature, to compare and contrast. By picking certain themes, I am… Continue reading My Term Paper