Blog #3, Day 4

Monday, June 4, 2018 at 11:27pm What a time to be alive. I had a wonderful first day at work, it was cool. I find irony in the fact that people always comment on how beautiful my eyes are because they don't work very well. Someone thought they were worth a raise today. I do … Continue reading Blog #3, Day 4


Blog #2, Day 3

Sunday, June 3, 2018 at 6:40pm Clearly, my commitment issues proceed me. In my defense, my yesterday was kind of weird. I hung out with an old friend but for whatever reason, the universe continues to show me through people why I'm working so hard on getting away from the town I grew up in. … Continue reading Blog #2, Day 3

Blog #1, Day 1

Friday, June 1, 2018 at 7:00pm After reading CollegeDidThisToMe,  a fellow college student's blog, I began to admire her style (hence the title) and decided to add an "A day in the life..." category to Off White XXO. I figured it's a great way to post regularly and will keep me from forgetting all the … Continue reading Blog #1, Day 1


"I thought I was promiscuous, it turns out I was just thorough." - Russell Brand. Check out my post dedicated to promiscuity & comment some words you think describe you! xxo Bri

I kissed a girl…

As an outspoken girl that's open minded about many things, I've noticed the one thing that rarely comes up in conversation with my girl friends is girl on girl action. While we'll openly share stories from boys and blow jobs to periods and pms, it's very rare that we exchange any sentences about things outside … Continue reading I kissed a girl…

Love Multiplied

Being a Gemini, I'm aware I love differently than others. This caused me to look at the different types of relationships we have in society. How do you show love?

Artists, Musicians, & Beauticians, Oh My

Attention artists, musicians, writers, bloggers, and beauticians (and everyone else creating a form of art,) this message is for you! I hope to hear from you soon, xxo Bri