Welcome to Off White!


My name is Bri, and I am currently a college student who loves to read, write, and color.  The events in my life contribute to my overall self- I deeply believe everything happens for a reason.

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So what is Off White?

Off White is a blog that addresses 20-something year olds who like positive vibes & laughing occasionally. Music and art all come together with humor and sass as I leave a piece of me through each post. Here’s the world from my angle.

While exploring the world and discovering myself, I plan to use this blog to document interesting places and finds, the trials and tribulations of being twenty-something, and all the other crazy things I can get into during my collegiate years. I hope to grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally on my road through adulthood. I am a spiritual girl who believes in the stars, loves animals, and makes art. One word best used to describe me would be colorful, which I believe is a perk of being a Gemini. I’m a tattoo, piercing, taboo, and promiscuity enthusiast.

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img_1401-1I’d just like to make a note that some of my content is meant for individuals 18 and older. The mature content should be viewed in appropriate settings by those who are legally allowed to obtain information on certain subjects.

Of White is broken down into four main categories. Click on the image below to check other different topics I love writing about!

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The Girly Girl
The Birds & Bees

The purpose of my blog is to improve my writing skills in hopes of becoming a future journalist and author. In my writing I typically hold myself to a scholarly standard which I feel impacts my writing making me seem very serious and less fun, which I really hope to work on.

xxo Bri