My Professional Self

This page is dedicated to the many hours of hard work I put in during my undergraduate career at Bloomsburg University. Currently I am a junior with a double major in English and Mass Communications with a concentration in Journalism, concentration in Literature, and a minor in Digital Rhetoric and Professional Writing.

It is definitely a mouth full, however I am setting myself up for my dream career – a travel writer, magazine content writer, and one day, author. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities I’ve received through my enrollment at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and I am excited to see how much more I will grow as a writer during my time here.

Below is a copy of my current resume which I am currently in the process of redoing. I believe a strong resume is essential as a twenty-something year old college student because it is my ticket in the door to my dream job.

Here is a compilation of my scholarly artifacts. These are all products of my undergraduate career at Bloomsburg University so far.

These artifacts have been added in no particular order. While some of them are lacking a works cited page, I am currently working on editing and adding missing information to these pieces which will also reflect criticisms by the professors who graded the assignments.

Please remember to give credit if citing my work and feedback is more than welcome!
Summary #1 What we love, others will love by Helen Vendler

Summary #2–  Disliking books at an early age by Gerald Graff

An analysis of Biblical versus non-biblical poetry

A compare and contrast essay – Minorities and education;  The two texts mentioned in this essay are Hunger of Memory by Richard Rodriguez and With or Without You by Domenica Ruta.

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