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Personal Post

How ‘Off White’ Got It’s Name

Today a new found friend of mine mentioned something in a conversation that really stuck with me. We had been talking about interracial relationships and she mentioned a meeting to help her have the talk with her parents about her interracial relationship with her girlfriend. I was like "Woah." I had never really viewed other people's relationships to their parents… Continue reading How ‘Off White’ Got It’s Name

Personal Post

Hell & Back

I've continued on tortured, thinking of something to write, something amazing to catch reader's eyes and today it hit me - who gives a shit? When I started this blog, of coarse I had a goal - I wanted to let the world know about my transition from a small town to a big city.… Continue reading Hell & Back

Personal Post

Parental Consent

Let's rewind time to when you were, say 16-17. You might have planned to stay out past your curfew one Friday night or go somewhere with questionable friends that your parents never warmed up to. Some voices were raised, maybe you were threatened with being grounded or had the car taken away from you. And as… Continue reading Parental Consent