Hey reader, welcome to my blog!

My name is Bri, and I am currently a full time college student who loves to read, write, and color. The purpose of my blog is to improve my writing skills in hopes of becoming a future journalist and author. The events in my life contribute to my overall self- I deeply believe everything happens for a reason, which is a statement I make quite frequently from day to day.

While exploring the world and discovering myself, I plan to use this blog to document interesting places and finds, the struggles and payoffs of budgeting for beginners, and whatever other wacky things I can get into this during my collegiate years. I hope to grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally on my road to adulthood. I am a spiritual girl who believes in the stars, loves animals, and makes art. One word best used to describe me would be colorful, which I believe is a perk of being a Gemini. I’m a tattoo, piercing, marijuana, and promiscuity enthusiast. In my writing I typically hold myself to a scholarly standard which I feel impacts my writing making me seem very serious and less fun, which I really hope to work on.

Please comment with feedback and leave your blog’s URL for me to check out!


xo Bri