Blog #11, Day 18

Monday, June 18th, 2018 at 2:58pm

So I pretty much wrote a nice big cute post about what I’ve been doing this long ass weekend and then accidentally deleted it. Thank goodness, things were about to get mushy.

Anyway, here’s a recap:

I got asked out on a date again and this time I’m actually excited. Considering the guys I fuck with most likely don’t even read this, I’m pulling a Carrie and asking you guys these internal questions that pop up along the way.

Like in  the episode where she asks, “Why do we let the one thing we don’t have affect how we feel about all the things we do have?” I asked myself this same question as I finally got closure from my last relationship. On the plus side I’m ready to leave the past in the past and say I’m over it. Everything that happened was pretty shitty, but everything that’s about to happen is going to be pretty sweet and I’m so excited.

It’s wild how the universe gives us signs and causes all these “coincidences”. I was wondering why I’ve felt so bothered on the situation lately and even spoke about it with my brother. Then the universe gave me what I needed to just get over it. I finally feel content.

In other news, I’m also ready to be mature and plan my posts out in advance again so I don’t let you guys down anymore. I have some seriously spicy stuff planned, I just have to get it down and done!

My daily bar crawl came to an end. I still managed to make it there without actually drinking though so that’s ironic.

Today we played in the rain and sat in the new kiddie pool outside. Work hard, play harder.

As usual, here are some pics I’ve been taking lately. Check out some more here.

I almost wrapped this up and posted it but here at 3:19pm, Porkchop the cat on the run this week has returned! She escaped the day before yesterday in the heat of moment but my roommate found her munching on the bate food outside. My heart is filled with joy.

Until next time,

xxo Bri


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