Blog #10, Day 14

I’m realizing while I approach the second week of June that I’ve spent more days intoxicated than sober. The only downside is that the sugar intake is making me break out. Other than that, this summer is going great.

It’s #ThrowitbackThursday and I’m super excited for the super juicy content I’m dropping when I get off work. It’s one of those things (almost) everyone does but no one ever wants to talk about. I don’t mind though, some people have questions and I may have the answers.

I ordered some things from Wish but they won’t get here until the second week of July. Super excited to completely forget I ordered anything and come home to presents.

Lately I’ve been encountering a high volume of boys that flirt with me and then drop the girlfriend bomb a significant amount of time after the ship is leaving the dock. While I completely admire the fact that these boys show some sort of self control and more consideration for females than I’m accustomed too, I wish this would stop happening to me.

It’s partially triggering. I think of all the times A could’ve reflected their behavior but decided to be unfaithful instead. And all the times I decided to follow that lead.

I think with age I’m getting something called morals.

I’m not sure how I feel about it so here’s a pic from the other day when I was trying to get some outfits together for a shoot.

I’m pretty excited for the boudoir-esquè photo shoot I have set up for later this month. I’m really hoping I can get what I see in my head to appear in front of my eyes. I’m determined and faithfully squatting.

I kinda fell off doing Twitter polls but I wish I didn’t. Although they didn’t see a lot of action, it was still fun guessing which option would win the most votes & seeing the results.

Anyway, check out some cute pics & follow me. 99% of the time, I follow back!

Don’t forget to stop by for my #ThrowitbackThursday post later today!

Until next time,

xxo Bri


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