Blog #4, Day 6

Wednesday, June 6, 2018 at 11:03am

Yesterday I had to explain what a digital hickey was from an observant female’s perspective. While most of us are completely unwilling to admit we use this modern day unspoken practice, we see it regularly across social media platforms.

A digital hickey is when one party of a relationship (or situationship) tags or addresses the other party on social media allowing their social media followers to create a connection between both parties.

Now I’m not saying every time someone tags someone else on social media it low key means something, but we all know those people that will use this platform as a reassurance tactic. Kinda like “I know you fucks with me, but does anyone else?”

Unfortunately when both parties aren’t on the same page about these things it may generate a negative response or something along the lines of “why does everyone need to know we’re associated?”

Both genders fall prey to the tagging game. Remember that one episode of ‘Dear White People’ when Sam’s secret boo tags her in a picture and everyone finds out they’ve secretly been…hanging out. #Hateitwhen bae leaves.

Understandably is also depends on the composer of the artifact. There is definitely a tweet in my archives where I @my high school crush and asked him when he was going to stop playing. No I wasn’t claiming him, yes a part of me was dead serious.

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Until next time,

xxo Bri


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