Lets Hit Reset

Initially, I was nervous about taking an online class on top of five other classes because I feared another semester of being behind and overwhelmed. Just about after the second week of classes, I mentally crashed. Instead of waiting to fail, I removed the possibility by not even trying. For the past two weeks I have been recreating old toxic habits and filled with self-doubt, however today I woke up on the write side of the bed (see what I did there?) I brought every class book I have for this semester to the library, along with my water and some snacks to catch up on two-three weeks of work in my classes. While I was physically showing up to class, mentally I just wasn’t there.

I considered what that meant in terms of me as a person. I was becoming the type of girl who was okay just not doing things so that I couldn’t mess them up. Unfortunately I am aware this may set my grades back this semester, however I am fully committing to being 100% of a student because the only thing worse than failing is not knowing. How do I know I can’t reach a 3.5 GPA this semester if I don’t try? (Despite where I set my grades up these past two weeks, I am extremely determined to turn things around.)

One way I have benefitted from this class as far as taking control of my personal life is by becoming aware of my audience. Not only am I a full-time college student, I am also a writer, sorority sister, daughter, aunt, sister, and friend. These are all things I must take into account when I analyze my audience and they all play a crucial role.

  • College student – Because I am a college student, my audience expects me to be literate, credible, and educated. My spelling, grammar, and writing style are mostly impacted by this title because being I feel as though applying my education outside the classroom greatly improves my writing.
  • Writer – My love for writing grew from my love of reading. As with mostly every type of writing, this causes me to be extremely aware of my word choice and writing voice. To be honest, I never considered myself a writer until I started sharing my blog with more people and became more proud of my work and flow of words. As I began telling more and more people about Off White XXO, I would often hear the question, “Oh, so you’re a writer?” and I’d reply, “No, I kinda just write a blog.” Today, I proudly acknowledge – I am a writer.
  • Sorority Sister – While the transition from GDI to sorority girl was quite spur of the moment and passed quickly, my place in my sorority has a major impact on my life. From time management, to learning so many new things from people I love, to learning more about myself through the process, becoming a sister of Delta Epsilon  Beta has impacted my writing. Not only am I more excited about talking about my work, my sisters acknowledging my blog keeps me motivated and also helps me stay on my toes for writing topics. Now if I could just find the time…
  • Daughter / Aunt / Sister – Because I have fully committed to Off White XXO with my identity and not a pseudonym, I sometimes second guess my content when I think “How will I feel about this when my mom brings it up the next time I call her?” Fortunately, I am extremely close and open with my mother so that hardly creates a set back. One person I always think about before I post is my niece. While I don’t mention her too much, she is the one person that has the greatest impact on my life. Ever since she was born, I wanted to be her best friend and make her proud. While I know she won’t be seeing my content (or even truly understanding of what a blog even is at her age) knowing how excited she’ll be the next time she sees me makes me want to be a better person so that if she wanted to look up to me as she grows older, I wouldn’t let her down. It’s not exactly the content I want her to be aware of but the overall message that her aunt is an educated, independent woman who works hard to make her dreams come true and yes girl, she can do absolutely anything she sets her mind to.
  • Friend – I would say my role as a friend has the second greatest impact on my writing. While I’m aware the person on the other side of the screen may be a complete stranger on the opposite side of the world, while you’re on Off White XXO, you’re one of my best friends. I won’t speak at you despite the fact that this is mostly a one way communication method, and I’ll tell you things exactly how I would tell my best friends. As most of you are now aware, I’ll write exactly what would come out of my mouth if you were in front of me. Just as I can sometimes be a bad friend, I can also be a bad blogger, however one thing my friends know about me is I am big on loyalty, so you’ll never have to worry about me just disappearing one day. That definitely won’t happen (I have too much to say and not enough ears to listen.)

The reason I chose this as my blog topic today is because I had to resubmit my GEP analysis paper (post below), which I also revised. I replaced the GEP analysis with an Off White XXO analysis and considered how my purpose and writing situation are mostly impacted by my audience.

Any Monday Motivational Messsages for staying on top of your to do list in college? Please comment them below!

Until next time,

xxo Bri


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