Blushy Darling Interview !

Lately I’ve been scrolling through some of the blogs I follow on WordPress and discovered one blogger who I truly admire; Blushy Darling. In an effort to expand my horizons on the girl world, I decided to follow her blog to learn more about how I should apply makeup while still looking natural.

People that know me know, I rely heavily on my natural beauty, and tend to stray away from major makeup suppliers such as Sephora and Ultra. With the bare minimum – mascara and chapstick, I was curious to discover bloggers who are into the make-up scene but aren’t constantly seen beating their face.

Without further ado, here’s an interview I did with Blushy Darling ! Feel free to check out her blog too.

What are some beauty basics everyone should know?

B.D- Don’t over-line your lips with a creamy product, it will be noticeable first and in a second will smudge and you’ll look like a clown!

What are your favorite products or brands to use when creating a makeup look?

B.D- Urban Decay- they eyeshadows are so creamy, easy to use and have gorgeous shades, I love their eyeliner too but I love Nars as well, mainly for face and lip products.


Have you done any commercial or freelance work?

B.D-  I’ve worked as freelance make up artist for a while, you can see a lot of my works in the section called My Works on my blog! Also check out some images below.


What was your favorite beauty trend of 2017?

B.D- I love the natural golden goddess type of look, Gigi Hadid inspired!

What advice would you give someone who is just beginning their beauty blog? 

B.D- Never take anything for granted, work hard and be kind.

Who is your favorite beauty guru to follow right now?

B.D-  I actually got the chance to interview my favorite Youtuber, Jackie Wyers a few weeks ago which you can read here, it was the highlight of my year but I also love Kalyn Nicholson, FleurDeForce and Niomi Smart.

What is your overall dream job?

B.D- I genuinely would love to become a full-time review blogger, that’s my true passion.

What other hobbies do you have besides doing makeup and blogging?

B.D-  I love watching TV shows, reading and watch movies.

What beauty products are essential to your makeup collection?

B.D- Lip balm, I can’t go without something on my lips, my lips get so dry. My favorite one is the Dior Addict Lip Balm, expensive, but so worth it.


You’re extremely active in the blogger community, have you won any Blog Awards?

B.D- Yes! I’ve got nominated for a few; Liebster Award, The Awesome Blogger Award, The Mystery Blogger Award, and The Blogger Recognition Award. I’ve gotten nominated for a few more but I still haven’t posted them because I’m trying to space them out.

How has your blog impacted your life?

B.D- I’ve found my true passion, I love blogging so much and with Blushy Darling I’ve found my purpose!

What’s your favorite post you’ve ever written on Blushy Darling?

B.D- This is so hard because I never put out something that I don’t love with my whole heart. If I really have to choose, I love writing reviews so my favorite would be all my reviews.


Where do you get your beauty inspiration?

B.D- Everywhere: Instagram, magazines, TV shows and movies, even people on the street: I see so many wonderful things I want to make my own and recreate I’ll tell you a little secret: the moment where I get the most inspired is right before I fall asleep, I let my stream of consciousness free and I have the best ideas!

What other media outlets do you use? 

B.D-  I use Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: you can find me everywhere @blushydarling I feel like each platform shows a different side of me.


Go follow Blushy Darling on her social media and don’t forget to check her blog out! I’m so glad she was my first beauty interview because she was so sweet and amazing to work with. She even let us in on a little secret of hers! I may not be reviewing makeup pallets anytime soon, but I’m so glad I have Blushy Darling to turn to for some makeup inspiration.

Hope you enjoyed this interview and the fresh face of Off White XXO.

Until next time,

xxo Bri


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