What’s Up Wednesday 12/6

It’s been awhile since things got spicy on Off White, so I decided to dedicate this What’s Up Wednesday to all things sexy with a dash of pink!

What We’re Eating This Week…

This week, Off White is having some fun with edibles in the bedroom. Now whatever your definition of an edible is, is completely up to you but for legal reasons Off White is sticking to the sugary basics.

While these cute clothing substitutes make things fun in the bedroom, I found them to be more beneficial as an after activities snack than as the main meal. It was definitely fun to try something new and a bit exciting rolling around in sugar. I definitely recommend ordering these here from amazon if you’d like to introduce bringing food into the bedroom, it was a smooth and sweet start.

What I’m Reminiscing About…

This Wednesday Off White is reminiscing on the time when I still got nervous posting about such a taboo topic. I remember writing and wondering, “What will people thing of me once this is published?” While having that train of thought can sometimes be beneficial, I appreciate so much more the ability to be open and proud of my work. While some people cringe at the thought of personally expressing their opinion on such unspoken topics, I accept the challenge of practicing my freedom of speech in such a controversial manner.

What I’m Loving…

Lately Off White is loving the idea of expanding and working with bloggers who are similar to Off White. Some bloggers I hope to work with are;

Welcome to My World – A fellow collegiate blogger

Blushy Darling – Make up guru blogger

Sophie Harris x – A fellow collegiate blogger

Tea with Abby – Product reviewer and Lifestyle blogger

You Should Hear – Fellow Blogger

Levi – Maria Evans – Beauty Blogger and Product reviewer

Want to do a blogger collab? Comment on this post or message me on any account!

What I’ve Been Up To…

Lately, I’ve been reinventing my personal brand. Spending hours upon hours in the library (due to having a broken laptop) I have completely remodeled my blog thanks to Dr. Martin’s class Professional Writing. For our final presentation we are required to present our ePortfolios (in my case, Off White) as if we’re applying for our dream job. This is one of my favorite assignments because it is the most realistic for me personally, seeing as I would like to use my blog as an entrance into the writing field.

What I’m Dreading…

As of this week, I’m already completely dreading finals week. While I only actually have two finals, everyone else in town becomes a hermit crab, making it so difficult to 1. get drunk and 2. get head. I know it’s important as students for us to keep our heads in the books, but too much stress can lead to a meltdown which is why it’s important to remember that finding a fun and safe way to relieve stress during finals week is essential! My number one go to for stress relief during finals is safe sex. I don’t mean to tell all you students to run rapid as soon as you exit those library doors, but don’t forget that a number does not define you and college is more than those challenging, life threatening finals.

What I’m Working On…

This month I am working on becoming a brand ambassador for a company similar to my previous one. While Sexy Lingerie and Things was a good first experience, it taught me a lot about what I should know before fully committing to representing a brand such as time management and the professional strings of the relationship.

Need a brand ambassador? Click here to find out how to contact me!

What I’m Excited About…

This month I’m excited about the semester finally coming to an end! I’m not just excited to be done with the assignments and papers, I’m mostly excited to have more time to work on all the ideas I’ve had for Off White. From Slut Shaming and Polyamory Practices to Purse and Book reviews, Off White is ready to see a whole new wave of positive vibes.

What I’m Watching/Reading…

This week I’m reading new blogs to expand on my knowledge of what it means to be a blogger. While looking for new blogs, I stuck to finding ones with categories to which I can relate – sex, fashion, college, and lifestyle. One favorite I recently subscribed to isĀ F*ck Feast ; Taking Off White’s mission to a whole new level, this blog is the dramatic platform for why I continue to write as I do. The creator of this blog completely understands what it’s like to be slut-shamed for her work. As I’ve written in the past, our society is almost afraid of what can happen when people become more open about sex. While I can understand the negative attributes, such as kids growing up too fast by the early exposure, I still feel the best way to prevent a disaster is by informing others. I don’t mean to make bad sex sound like a disaster, but what good can come from a world full of miserable people who are unable to get their rocks off?

What I’m Listening To…


Jhene Aiko – Trip

This week I’m trying to listen to and reflect on Jhene Aiko’s new album on Spotify. I feel as though it was coincidentally placed in my life while a bad relationship came to a close making the words speak more deeply to me. Unfortunately with everything going on right now and my inability to allow myself a break down anywhere other than my bedroom, finishing this album review is taking quite a bit of time.

Did you listen to it? What’d you think? Leave your comment below!

What I’m Wearing…



This week I’m wearing all pink! As I kicked off the month with a Pink Out, I decided to keep the trend going throughout the week. On the right side you’ll see the pink bomber jacket I scored from H&M for only $15! Originally priced here at $24.99, I’d say that’s a steal! I worked out this week representing Bloomsburg in my university sports bra with my matching pink Nalgene water bottle.

What I’m Doing This Weekend…

This weekend I am announcing the winner for Off White’s Giftcard Giveaway! I’m also hoping to score at least one or two interviews for Off White since I finally completed the remodeling of the page. I’ve been using plenty of new apps and websites to help grow my blog so I’m really excited to begin the review of those products.

What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month…

Next month I am looking forward to the New Year! I am so excited to all the year is bringing. For starters, I finally will begin my work with College Fashionista and I’m so excited for the knowledge and opportunities that whole experience will bring into my life. Secondly, I plan on finally buying my domain in the New Year with means more growth and better changes for Off White. I’m extremely excited to be entering my third year with Off White and watching the growth of my blog and personal brand. Shout out to all the readers that have followed my growth on Off White and stay true to helping me grow my brand.

What Else Is New…

So Off White is about to hit the 3,000 views mile marker which will make for the perfect time to announce the winner of the Marshall’s Giftcard Giveaway! In honor of expanding my personal brand using social media, I will announcing the winner across Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram ! Hopefully this is a project that works as smoothly as possible because I just started getting comfortable with multiple social media platforms.

Also, I’m looking for more blogger awards to be apart of! I’m hoping by recently reaching out to more bloggers this will increase my chances of being nominated, as I am really hoping to become more involved in the blogging community especially here on WordPress.

Until next time,

xxo Bri


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