Pink Out; Crafts Edition

In honor of my first color post on Off White- Pink Out, I decided to keep the theme this week ! Also as the new PR person of Delta Epsilon Beta, I decided what better way to show off my sorority than with some crafts? Shout out to my Big for these beautiful craft presents !

Low on cash but need a Christmas present for your sister? Here are some sorority Christmas crafts ideas!


  1. A canvas – What’s more personal than a hand crafted canvas for your sister?  My big used my favorite color to create the perfect over-the-bed canvas for me. Search on Pinterest for the perfect canvas quote and get to it! This is also a great way to pass finals week stress. Use your hands to create something beautiful while unwinding from stress and vuala, you have your Christmas gifts at your finger tips!
  2. Handpainted Jewlery Box – This little box is where I now keep my most prized possessions including my Pledge Pin, the lighter I will use on my Big’s 21st birthday, my social security card, and my emergency condom. This box is so much more special to me for the simple fact that my Big made this just for me and their is nothing in the world like it.
  3. Initals/Letters- Whether your sister has a short nickname or not enough letters to decorate her room, crafting letters is one of the most basic sorority Christmas presents you can give. On the plus side, you can never have too many letters around your room. All together I have around two sets of ‘Bri’ letters, four sets of ‘DEB’ letters, and around eight to nine different B’s all displayed around my room. While it may seem like a lot, they’re very nicely spread out and will be featured in mulptiple color articles here on Off White.

Have a limit on how much you can spend? Here are some low cost yet cute ideas for your sisters!

  • Fuzzy socks
  • Lighters
  • Throw blanket
  • Bath bombs
  • Body mists and lotions
  • Coffee mug/ chuggers/ Shot glasses
  • Candles/Incents
  • Picture frame
  • Favorite candy or snack

Got any Christmas gift ideas for your sisters not mentioned in the post? Please feel free to leave them in the comment section below!

Until next time,

xxo Bri


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