Pink Out !

As I view the progress my blog has made this semester alone, I am filled with joy, admiration and pride. I have poured hours into the new set up and I’m so excited for Off White’s new do. Today’s post is featured in Off White XXO’s new review section itemized by color of the products ranging from perfumes to books. 

*Side note: Off White XXO recently became affiliated with Amazon! This means any links you find on this blog associated with a product will automatically open a new browser to said product on Amazon!*

What better way to start of  the first week of December than with a pink out ?!

Since adding the color section to my blog, I’ve been practicing my hand a photographing, so let me know what you think in the comments below!

Today’s pink reviews will be on my favorite pink fragrances and lotions. This is a seriously new section for both you and I considering I mostly rant about sex or my personal life (sometimes both), however I’d love to give Off White’s readers some new content to look forward to.


Pink Confetti by Bath and Body Works These two lotions are found on the left hand side of the B, this is one of my favorite B&BW’s scents. I use it across all seasons as the light scent puts me in such a bubbly mood. Unfortunately Bath and Body Works must have sold out or discontinued this scent because I can no longer find it on their website however if you click the hyperlink above you can find it on Amazon!

 Napa Valley Sunset by Bath and Body Works– I always keep a small bottle of lotion and spray in my purse when I’m on the run and this lotion is my go to! Not only is it my favorite color, but the floral scent makes me feel girly and cute on my most hanous days.

 Victoria’s Secret Pink Fresh & Clean Body Mist– This scent has been my go to since middle school. Not only do I keep a large supply of the body mist and lotion in my personal scent stash, I also carry a small bottle of this refreshing scent in my car for road trips!

Pink Cashmere by Bath & Body Works– I’ll admit it took sometime to grow on me, however the rich scent of Pink Cashmere has recently become one of my favorite scents from Bath and Body. I was originally drawn to it solely for its presentation, however the captivating scent has started to reach my standards.

Lastly this image features on of Bath and Body Works’ old style of hand sanitizer in the Sweet Pea scent. While the bottle is years out dated, the scent remains completely fresh and flowery. I love having these little bottles just to toss in my purse whenever I’m on the go.


*Update on Off White’s Giftcard Giveaway!*

Yes the giveaway is still going on and the winner will be announced next Friday! To enter for a chance to win, share, retweet, or Instalike any of Off White’s posts across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The giveaway will be live on Friday and two lucky winners will be announced so stay tuned!

Until next time,

xo Bri



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