Introduction to Art: Final

As a sophomore at Bloomsburg University,  I ventured out of my comfort zone in hopes of crossing more general education requirements of my list of things to do. We explored a wide selection of mediums in that class including drawing pencils, charcoal, and extremely pigmented colored pencils.

For our final assignment we were required to compose a colorful piece using skills we learned in class, that didn’t have traditional still life qualities. Because I had to walk into Old Science Hall for this class every Tuesday and Thursday, I decided to use the view from the door way as my setting, which is how the elevator is incorporated in the piece.

art final.png

The next major element in this picture is the tree, which I used in another project and several preliminary sketches for this piece. This tree is on campus near the cat walk and since my first time seeing it, the tree is just mesmerizing to me. I can only imagine all the stories it would tell if it could speak.

The wine glass in the picture illustrates the two pack of wine I had gotten on sale around that time. I incorporated this into my picture because I had drank a lot of wine while struggling to come up with the overall image of this project. While I don’t support abusing drugs or alcohol as an emotional or mental crutch, the wine allowed me to stop thinking so technically about the project which I feel allowed it to become a more creative overall piece.

The most important element I felt was crucial to the piece is the upside down clock in the right hand corner. I feel like it is crucial because it symbolizes how much importance I place on my time. During the time I created this, I was aware I had not been managing my time wisely and after creating this piece I devoted more time to scheduling and planning my days.

I incorporated patterns into the piece by displaying three reoccurring lamps, the checkered floor, brick wall, and speed limit signs. Incorporating patterns to my piece was important because I didn’t want viewer’s eyes to be drawn to only one portion of the image which is why they can be found multiple times throughout the piece.

Have you taken an intro to drawing class? Love to draw? Post some of your art in the comments to be featured below!

Until next time,

xxo Bri


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