Goodbye October, Hello November !

While I’m sad that my second favorite month has come to an end, I’m pretty excited for what this month has in store! Before I start ranting about what’s to come, here’s a quick recap of October.

This past month I strolled around my local Marshall’s with one of my best friends. Every time we adventure there, we follow the same store browsing schedule: shoes, beauty, purses, home, and clothing. During our trip I managed to find something I’m not sure how I lived without.


These beautiful velvet Nine West heels were basically waiting for me in the clearance section. While shopping in any store, it is very rare that I’ll willingly spend over $10 on any one piece however for $18 these were a steal. Not only were they the last pair in sight, they also fit me perfectly! I had found them during a time in North Eastern Pennsylvania where the weather couldn’t decide if it wanted to stay summer or proceed into fall but I knew I’d find the perfect time to wear these: date party!

Not only did I find the perfect shoes this month, I also discovered (and rediscovered) some products at Marshall’s that I tested just for fun and fell in love with.

oct1(From left to right)

  • I only use heating tools on my curly locks during the colder months so I decided to refill my supply of Moroccanoil Treatment. This is the only product I will use on my hair for pre and post heated styling. Not only did I notice slight hair growth while using this product, it keeps my hair from drying up under high heat and leaves it shiny and soft all day. I’ve seen the larger bottles available however one little bottle of this oil can last me about a year due to how infrequently I straighten my hair.
  • Before Halloweekend I ran to Walmart for some last-minute makeup supplies. While I recently invested in Olay’s Active Hydrating cream (pictured below) I decided to rev up my minimalist beauty routine by  purchasing E.L.F’s Tone Adjusting face primer. I have previously tried the Poreless face primer they also offer and cannot decide which one I love more. While the Poreless primer created a soft creamy skin texture, the Tone Adjusting primer gives my skin a beautiful glow regardless of what time of day it is.



  • I found my favorite shade of pink from Essie for $2! I honestly was expecting it to be a little dry but the texture was super fresh and the color is so vibrant. I definitely recommend checking out Marshall’s nailpolish section during your next trip.

My favorite raincoat is navy blue so finding the percect rainboots was a constant struggle. Finally while wondering through Walmart with my mom, I found these beauties! Not only are they the perfect shade of navy, they were only $5!

Hopefully November brings in as many amazing finds as October did. Any October purchases that you absolutely love? Leave a picture in the comment section!

Until next time,

xxo Bri


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