What month is it?

This semester has been flying by! Unfortunately this class only meets on Mondays from 6 pm to 9 pm so it feels like we don’t have much time during the fifteen weeks to meet with our professor and discuss the content. With Dr. Martin’s style of teaching, meeting once a week has been the biggest con of this class so far. As he normally covered a variety of topics in 50 minute increments three times a week in previous classes I’ve had with him, this class feels very… detached.
Aside from the readings posted in Bolt, I’m not sure what more I can do to feel immersed in my education regarding Professional Writing.
Due to my ideal dream job, this issue has me nervous for my future. While I have been told countless times that  I am a great writer, I was eager to take this class to learn and understand different writing styles.
As the weeks wind down and the semester begins to wrap itself up, I hope to find better ways to immerse myself in my education.
Do you have any tips for a student who feels disconnected from their learning ? Feel free to comment below!


After rereading this post a few days later, I realized how much important content from the class I did fail to include. Tonight’s class has made me extra thrilled and put me in a better mindset about the class.

The final assignment of creating an online presence has opened my eyes to how I’d like to restructure my blog to benefit myself in the future. I currently am incorporating artifacts from my collegiate life onto Off White to show my multifaceted scholarly self. I feel this is important because some readers of Off White may fail to take note that while the overall vibe of the blog is informal and relaxed, I still hold myself to what I view as professionally appropriate. As I am interested in discussing things such as art and sex, I hope to do more than just entertain readers, but inform them as well.

As I continue on growing through my blog, I am becoming more aware of why I was so drawn to my majors and where I would like my education to take me after graduation. Because I am completely aware of rhetoric processes going on around me and the art of persuasion, I believe I am drawn to my English major based on my admiration of communication in society and how it has transformed. While this topic is often explored in a communications field, I feel I turn to literature for this same thing because the books I read growing up taught me how to communicate as well as human interaction and communication based on one sense at a time. I believe this impacts my every day life because I spend all day speaking with people who come from different backgrounds, similarly to characters in the books I have read.

I’m extremely interested in learning more about my readers so I’d like to incorporate reader interaction by asking a question with hopes of multiple responses: What is/was your favorite subject in school? Has it impacted your life beyond the classroom/do you work in a field involving this subject? Please leave a response below, getting to know my readers is extremely important to me!

Until next time,

xxo Bri


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