Friday the 13th feels

Lately I’m becoming more aware of how dense I can be in social situations. One thing I recently found out, is still mind blowing to me and made me reflect on every conversation I’ve had with the opposite sex this past year. A friend of mine has informed me that in today’s society, the tongue out emoji is … suggestive. So much of what has transpired in my inbox now makes sense when realizing what message I was actually sending out.

While I continue to use this emoji as loosely as I do, because it’s my favorite, I often consider what the other person may take away from my message.

It’s completely mind blowing to me how much technology has impacted the way we communicate with others.

Not too long ago, a friend of mine had texted an “ok” which escalated into a whole fight because of the way I read it. Due to the context of the conversation, it was probably meant the way I had taken it, however because I assumed the tone of the text I could also probably be wrong.

Isn’t that crazy?

On a hotter note…

This Freaky Friday the 13th, I’d like to give you 13 freaky things to add to your (sex) bucket list!

If you’ve already checked these off, please feel free to sumbit your story to be uploaded anonymously!

1. Have phone sex

2. While on the phone

3. Sex in a foreign country

4. At a wedding

5. In a tent


6. At a music festival

7. Sex in a body of water

8. Join the mile high club

And then try

9. At an airport (legally, maybe one with a hotel)

10. Eat the butt

11. In the rain

12. Using something edible (ice, chocolate, a grapefruit, etc.)

13. Sex with multiple people at one time

Whether you get lucky with all of the same one or two people or you pick thirty lucky partners, get freaky and cross something of your bucket list this Friday the 13th!

Until next time,

xxo Bri


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