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My mother always told me that some people are born with book smarts while others are born with street smarts. I’d like to think I’m one of those people that falls in between and was blessed to have a mind that thinks logically. Having both common sense and logic, along with access to the world wide web, has allowed me to live my life as easy and efficiently as possible in most cases. Here are just a few simple hacks I feel everyone should know by the time they’re 18, why make life harder than it has to be?

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  1. The Art Work

This life hack I’ve been using since before I could even write my own name. Thanks to my wonderful mother and second mother, Sharon, I learned how to use public restrooms without having a mental break down due to germs and bacteria.


This hack involves three simple steps. Once in the bathroom stall, tear a lengthy piece of toilet paper and line the side of the toilet seat. Repeat this three times until the part of the toilet seat that can make contact with your skin is completely covered. Now you can go to the bathroom in any public restroom without completely freaking over the bacteria growing around you!

2. McDonald’s has an app!

I am a huge fan of saving money whenever I can, which is why I downloaded McDonald’s app! While it may be more cost effective to make every meal at home, it’s unrealistic for me to do that as it is for most workers and college students. McDonald’s app currently is running a promotion; for every five any size McCafé drinks you buy, you get the sixth one free! Some other common deals featured in my area are Free Fry Friday’s and Buy one McGriddle, get one free!


3. Remove scratches on hardwood floors with walnuts

During my sophomore year of college, I lived in a lovely two bedroom apartment with hardwood floors. It was so lovely, until I asked the maintenance guy to help me move furniture and for once, he didn’t just walk into my bedroom unannounced. Being the impatient Gemini I am, I decided to push the dresser myself, which left a giant scratch right in the middle of the floor. In an effort to get my entire security deposit back, I decided the wives tale of rubbing walnuts on the floor was going to have to work and IT DID!

4. Want clear skin at an affordable price? Rubbing alcohol

Thanks to an amazing coworker, I learned that I had spent years wasting money on skin products to reduce acne, clear black heads, and stop future breakouts because a bottle of rubbing alcohol can be purchased for less than a dollar. After washing your face with hot water (to open your pores) use a white wash clothes dabbed in rubbing alcohol to wipe your face. You’ll see instant results as the dirt occupying your pores and causing breakouts accumulates on the white cloth. Before using this method, I also suffered from breakouts due to oily skin however rubbing alcohol has also kept my skin from becoming too oily.

5. Vinegar fixes literally everything

From unexplainable headaches to clogged drains, I have used vinegar to fix almost anything duct tape can’t. For those of you that suffer from clogged shower drains due to too much hair- sprinkle baking soda in your drain, follow that with a good amount of vinegar, and watch the mini volcano effect take place. After the fizzling has subsided, pour down about a cup of boiling water to push along anything lingering behind and your drain is as good as new!\

6. Pineapple juice, pineapple juice, pineapple juice

Pineapple juice is one of the most beneficial fruit juices you can drink both healthy and sick. Got an annoying cough? Skip the cough syrup filled with chemicals and choose the natural alternative method- pineapple juice. It is 500% more effective than cough syrup due to the bromelain found in pineapple juice. No cough? Pick up some pineapple juice anyway, the next time you get lucky your partner will be sure to thank you for the extra sweet tasting juices (see what I did there?)

7. If you have to nap, take a power nap

Research shows that napping over thirty minutes will cause you to feel groggy, more tired, and less likely to be productive once you wake up. Napping anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes may feel silly because it’s so short, however the short mental break may be exactly what you need to wake up! Realistically if you feel the need to nap, it shouldn’t take longer than about a minute or two to fall asleep, leaving you with 8 to 28 minutes of premium snooze time. If it takes you more than ten minutes to fall asleep, you probably don’t need the nap anyway so get up and get moving!


Are there any life hacks you just recently discovered that you feel the world should know? Email it to me or leave it in a comment below! I hope at least one of these hacks is helpful to you, if so please feel free to comment below!

Until next time,

xxo Bri


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