#ThrowitBackThursday with sex toys !

Hey guys!

In my last post I wrote about my experience going to an adult shop for the first time (and second) and I’d love to continue the topic of conversation this #ThrowitbackThursday!

I visited Adult World on Route 11 in Berwick, check out their Facebook page here!

While browsing the isles of the store, I felt extremely uneducated about something I thought I knew so much about, despite the fact I had never owned my own sex toy. It was a bit overwhelming to be surrounded by so many vibrators and naked women but after a while I felt almost right at home. One fact I remember reading on another pro-sex blog was that vibrators were initially invented to cure women in hysteria that showed symptoms of depression, sleeplessness, irritability, nervousness, etc. I remember thinking to myself that they still cure women for those things today, however we no longer have to go to the doctor for rehabilitation.

The most fascinating part of my trips to the adult store was the wide variety of products they had available. It made choosing just one almost impossible which is basically how I ended up with two. Before this trip I hadn’t done any research, which I highly highly recommend to readers. It’s important to be aware that toys are designed to stimulate varying locations on the body which makes picking one for your personal preference extremely easy.

Because of my lack of knowledge, I picked my first two toys with blind faith. Luckily for me, it worked out and I love them both very much already.

The first one I bought is the same shape as pictured below however is light blue with ridges on the bottom egg-shaped part. These are known for gspot stimulation (which I’m also not well-educated on) however this little toy taught me something or two about the human body. The shape paired with the adjustable vibration setting and ridges allows the user to reach maximum levels of pleasure with little effort.


This toy was a lovely gift from a close friend that only cost about $21! One consistency among battery operated toys I noticed while shopping was that most take AA batteries, so make sure to keep a small stock in your bedroom night stand!

The second toy was a gift from me to me, that will forever bond me to my two lovely sorority sisters, which is ironic because the packaging states it has the “sorority party vibe”… As pictured below this vibrator is extremely simple with the adjustable vibration setting at the very bottom. Although seemingly simple as picture below, this vibrator definitely packs a punch.


This little gem only set me back about $13! For the price, the waterproof material, adjustable setting, and convenient size seem like a steal plus it’s my favorite color! I would highly recommend this product to any ladies searching for their first vibrator.

Another product I noticed multiple times while exploring the store was a beginner anal kit. While this doesn’t exactly tickle my fancy, I was still amazed by the wide variety of products included in the kit which is pictured below.


Each kit was customized to the desire of the beginner and I did become quite fascinated by the whole selection. After looking around and doing some follow-up research, I learned that more adult toy making companies are adding a base to anal toys due to the high amount of surgeries performed on individuals who accidentally lost their toy inside their rectum. Although slightly comical, the widespread epidemic has literally remolded the way anal toys are now produced.

Hopefully this sneak peek in the world of adult toy shops has inspired you to go on your first visit. If you’re still a little shy that’s completely okay! And you are also in luck!

Visit Sexy Liberation for your very first lipstick vibrator free! They come in an array of pretty colors and from the reviews I’ve read, it seems completely worth the $4.98 shipping and handling cost.

Until next time,

xxo Bri



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