It’s Here!

Happy October ! I am so excited it’s finally here. Despite the fact that I will always be a summer child, my second favorite time of year is when the leaves begin to change and oversized sweatshirts make their way back into my life. (Along with PSL of course!)


As I kick off the month with a new blog post, I am also kicking off my start to better time management and financial decisions. I recently downloaded the app Mint (which is also available on the Web) and I highly recommend it! The postcode/finger print locked app syncs to your banking , loan, and credit information, and allows you to better understand how to budget your money. The app also gives beginner investors the insight on how to get started investing by partnering with the app Stash and gives users their first $5 to invest just for signing up through Mint! I decided to get my finances in order before this holiday season so I can spoil my friends and family without significantly setting myself back.

This month I am also promoting POSITIVE VIBEZ on Off White! Lately I have begun weeding out the negative relationships in my life and mental health, attitude, and overall mindset have completely benefited.

It all began when I had to move into a new apartment toward the end of last month. As I was cleaning out my closet, I took note that by removing negative eating habits, I had lost a significant amount of weight which resulted in a higher self-esteem and a more positive view of self. I felt that while I had gone through a small growth by practicing self-control and slightly removed the toxins from my body, I felt slightly better mentally, physically and emotionally. Unfortunately, the toxins in my soul and elements around me were negatively impacting the small growth I was going through.

No one wants to be the friend that says “I can’t be friends with you anymore because your negativity is deeply effecting me.” No matter how you say it, it comes off as offensive. The first person to ever say that exact sentence to me was my (still current day) best friend Victoria, in middle school and I will never forget it. While it hurt at the time, every time I recall the story I smile because not only did fixing my attitude fix my friendship, it fixed most important elements of my life. It took about eight years for me to fully appreciate my friend saying that to me, because it taught me to no longer feel guilty for putting myself before others and to take charge of my experiences and emotions.


After removing memorabilia from toxic relationships, cutting of people constantly surrounding themselves with negative vibes, and practicing self-control, I have not been able to stop radiating positive vibez! The most lovely thing about this road to living a more positive and productive life has opened the door to so many amazing opportunities that continue to motivate me to do better.

Are you a vibe person? How have your vibes effected/been effected by others? (Both positive and negative experiences welcome!) Please comment with your insight below!

Lastly, what is a sex blog without anything sexual? Recently, I made my way into the adult world by visiting my first adult shop! A friend and I made a small trip down Route 11 to Berwick Adult World and boy was it an experience. Not ashamed to say, it was exactly as I had imagined it to be. The walls were covered in every possible thing you could think of that would turn any prudes cheeks into rosy red apples from beginner anal kits to Bachelorette  party essentials!

I was honestly amazed by the variety of toys available and felt extremely vanilla when it came time to pick one out (because who goes to an adult toy shop and doesn’t leave with a toy?) This #ThrowitbackThursday will feature all the juicy details of my purchases from both my first and second trip! Humorously the second time I went resulted in my two friends and I forming a truly eccentric bond- we got matching pink vibrators.


Also stay tuned for an interview with artist Jay Cora! I’m so grateful he agreed to an interview despite both of our hectic schedules. You can start listening to his music now or check him out on Instagram, I bet you’ll be hooked before the his interview post! (I know I am!) If you’re already a fan and have questions or comments you’d like to be featured in the article, feel free to email me them: with the subject: Jay Cora Comments.

Hopefully the first two days of this month are a direct indication of how the next twenty-nine will go because October is a wonderful and magical month! Hopefully my good vibez radiated to all you lovely readers! Keep the positive vibes flowing by sharing, commenting or liking this post on any platform!

Until next time,

xxo Bri


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