Happy Monday !

It’s been week since I’ve sat down at a computer and wrote a blog post. I missed it dearly.

Why did I fall off? Exciting news; I finally moved out of my parents’ house but for real this time ! I’ve moved back to my college town with my two best friends and our three cat babies and I’m ecstatic. Due to a recent relationship ending it was perfect time for a fresh start. New phone, new number, new apartment, who actually is this ?

While it’s only been about a week, so far, I absolutely love living with my two best friends and I would highly recommend to all 20-something year old females to live with their best friends. Not only does it feel like a 24/7 sleepover, it’s nice being in my room alone but still knowing there’s someone in another room for me to talk to. Another fun thing this move brought on is living with cats for the first time ever. I grew up in a dog ruled household so this was a completely new experience that taught me to understand cat people.

The end of a shitty┬árelationship plus the┬áimpromptu move has completely thrown me out of my groove. While this change was extremely fast and unexpected, it was definitely necessary. I’m an advocate for daily routines and maintaining a schedule, but being thrown off mine has taught me so much.

Fortunately I am finding my footing once again and will continue to post regularly as I was before I fell off.

Until next time,

xxo Bri



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