I’m Tired of Your Shit

I’m tired of opening my Facebook app and seeing posts about how no one understands what your anxiety feels likes, or how you’ve never loved anyone the way you love him, or how he broke your heart. I’m tired of reading generalized subtweets that could apply to five different people in your life on any given day. I’m tired of seeing drug addictions, mental illnesses, and suicide romanticized in the media. I’m tired of reading extensive blog posts on how sometimes we just need to be alone and sometimes we just don’t like ourselves very much.  I’m tired of talking about the same old, sappy, emotional shit when there’s a much more thrilling topic of conversation.

I never get tired of talking about sex, because every experience is unique and different. I never get tired of talking about sex, because it’s one of the few things that gets better with age. I never get tired of talking about sex, because I’m not sure there’s a way to write a generic piece that accurately explains what an orgasm feels like that every person ever could relate to. (Go ahead and try.) I never get tired of talking about sex because in society, it’s improper to talk about sex without referring to gender. I never get tired of talking about sex, because I grew up in a household where it was an open topic of discussion and asking mom or dad a question was okay.  I never get tired of talking about sex, because I like sex.

You read that right.

I’m not sure when our culture decided that we should hush up about the subject. Like sleep and security of resources, sexual intimacy is also found on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. So why  is getting eight hours of sleep strongly reinforced from a young age and we teach high school students how to create flawless resumes, but we don’t talk about the role of sexual intimacy in our lives? We don’t discuss how like cigarettes and drugs, sex can be addicting. We teach high school students to build a wall up between them and their parents because sex equals trouble. We forget that just like those students, their parents were once teenagers that were told sex equals trouble. We paint an image that if people have sex, they do so behind closed doors and never speak of it beyond those four bedroom walls. We get uncomfortable when hearing words like sex, penetration, and intercourse despite our news outlets constantly informing us of gruesome murders, child molesters, and suicide bombers.

If the content is too vulgar, sexual, or honest for you, you’re welcome to leave your opinion. I welcome criticism, because I’d like to become a better writer.  However Off White has not filter. You’re welcome to ignore the posts on blow jobs, doggy style, and lingerie, but if you decide to read them, you might just learn something new. You might discover that, contrary to societal views, sex is an awesome activity we can discuss and learn about. Sex is natural, provides health benefits, and most of all- it just feels freaking lovely.

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Until next time,

xxo Bri



3 thoughts on “I’m Tired of Your Shit

    • TheQueenBri says:

      haha Thank you ! Life it easier without a filter; why have people read between the lines when I could sue those lines to tell them exactly what I’m try to say right? Thanks for reading!!


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