#ThrowitbackThursday 6/8 : Three Reasons to Have a Threesome

Ever heard that saying, “Two’s a crowd and three’s a party?”

Well, it’s true, three is most definitely a party.

The guy who said it first was probably reminiscing over his first threesome. The taboo subject of having a nontraditional number of people between your sheets has been a debated topic for ages, but I have three reasons why you should have a threesome.

  1. You learn more about your sexual self  – The presence of multiple bodies may create somewhat of an out-of-body experience for you at first. While you take time to discover him and her, or her and her, or him and him, you also discover more about your sexual self. In this moment, with multiple points of stimulation, it actually becomes easier to acknowledge what you like and dislike with all that’s occurring. It’s also easier to be more open with your partners about what you dislike since you’re well aware everyone else involved is simply seeking to not only receive but give pleasure, just as you are. The mental and physical pleasure you experience will forever change the way you view your sexual self, and will allow you to become more comfortable and confident when it comes to embracing giving and receiving pleasure.
  2. You’re able to experience as much pleasure as humanly possible at one period of time – Being involved in a threesome is something like being involved in a porn, in that not only do you get to be visually stimulated by what’s happening, you also get to participate ! While things may get a little messy, you won’t pay much attention to it because you’ll be more wrapped up in how good everything feels everywhere. Not only do you receive pleasure from two bodies, you also get to enjoy the pleasure of stimulating two bodies as well. Being able to send one person over the edge is thrilling and arousing in itself, but sending two people over the edge at the same time? Mind blowing.
  3. What’s more sexy than being spontaneous? – The best experiences happen without much planning. Planning allows people to overthink and create what-if scenarios that most likely won’t actually occur during a threesome. While it’s good to establish boundaries and limits right off the bat, there’s no need to plan your threesome three weeks in advance. The best things happen when you least expect it, which is also true when it comes to taking two people to bed. The spontaneity also keeps you from backing out at the last second from nervousness. While new challenges are always a little nerve racking, remember why you wanted to participate in the first place: the pleasure of giving and receiving through multiple points of stimulation is like no other.

The thrilling and pleasurable experience will not only allow you to save mental images for your spank bank, it will also open a whole new door into your sex life so be prepared.

Whether you decided to bring two girls, two guys, or one of each to bed with you, going into this experience with a positive and open mindset is essential. The thrilling and pleasurable experience will not only allow you to save mental images for your spank bank, it will also open a whole new door into your sex life so be prepared. To optimize the experience, make sure all participating members are on the same page about boundaries. This keeps any member from becoming a third-wheel and allows all participants to feel comfortable at an extremely vulnerable state.

When you find the two for you, have fun and enjoy !

Also, always remember to practice safe sex!

Until next time,

xxo Bri


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