What’s up Wednesday?

Hey guys, one of my fellow bloggers shared the image below in a post last Wednesday  and decided answering these questions with sexual overtones could be fun! Here are some things going on ,some of which involves my sex life, this week. Hopefully you can take a page out of my book & help yourself out!



What we’re eating this week- This week I incorporated a high amount of pineapple in my diet. From sweating in the summer heat to 16 hour work days, I decided I could help myself (and my partner) out a little by keeping things smelling sweet down below. Besides the health benefits of adding more fruit into my diet, eating pineapple for sweet smells in the bedroom is no myth. Consider swapping your salty fries for a fruit cup, your partner will appreciate it the next time they decide they want to snack on you.

What I’m reminiscing on-  On Monday, I took a half day off at work for a trip to the Gynecologist. I sat in the waiting room and reminisced on my first trip to my doctor’s office. I remember my mother making an appointment with her doctor, and how she eased my mind by reassuring me it was a women’s only facility and I would be seeing a female doctor. My 16-year-old self felt a little relief that the seemingly disturbing appointment would be a little less uncomfortable. I’m not sure what was reassuring about knowing the gender of the person that would soon be scraping my cervical wall. I thought of all the changes my lady-hood has experienced since that appointment and I smiled at how nervous I was to experience something so awesome.

What I’m loving- Currently I’m loving the single life again! My situationship came to a boiling head as we discovered neither of us actually trusted the other, understandably. And what is a relationship without trust? A lot of sex, a lot of fighting, and a lot of making up, usually with more sex. My favorite thing about being single is having the time to focus solely on myself and my growth. Summer 2017 is the summer of self love, stacking bread, and shots! (My birthday 21st is June 20th so shots times ten really…) Another favorite of the single life, as you can guess, is the unlimited trouble I can get myself into without actually getting in trouble!

What I’m dreading- This Wednesday I am dreading the one aspect of single life which includes finding new guys to play with. While I’ve become much more tame, what’s a summer without some lovin’? It’s a rough adjustment once I get used to being with the same person for a long period of time, however a little part of me still missed the excitement of something new and unfamiliar that comes with the chase.

What I’m working on- This week I’m working on blogging regularly and getting my reader count up. I am also working on promoting Sexier Lingerie and Things as I just recently became a brand ambassador! This month you can take an extra 25% off using the code HappyPride. The online store offers sexy lingerie, gag gifts, 420 themed t-shirts, and adult toys for him, her, & them. This is one piece I currently have on the way that I am beyond excited to try and it was only $8!


What I’m excited about-  This month I’m extremely excited for the season premiere of Orange is the new black which will be released on Netflix Friday, June 9TH! After waiting for over a year, I AM FREAKING ECSTATIC! If you and your boo need something good for this weekend’s Netflix & chill sesh, check it out !

Another thing I’m excited about is my new role as a brand ambassador! I’m super excited to ditch my matching bra and pantie escapades and swoon the fellas with my sexy new lacy lingerie from Sexy lingerie and Things! I’m also excited because this ambassadorship is also my introduction into the world of sex toys. Most of my sex life has been pretty vanilla…until now.

What I’m watching- Just yesterday I finished binge watching Season 1 of Dear White People. Not to get political but I was one of the people that solely supported All Lives Matter, until I watched this series. It gave a realistic account of what it’s like to be a colored young adult in America during the 21st century, while being “apologetically black”.  One of my favorite quotes from the show that stuck with me was during episode 6 when Coco says, “Dear white people, having a black vibrator does not count as an interracial relationship.” LOL, but really this show made me realize that the daily race inconveniences I struggle with from day to day are small in comparison to what other young minorities may face.

The most important message: “Dear white people, our skin color is not a weapon. You don’t have to be afraid of it” – Sam

What I’m reading-  This week, I am currently indulging in my guilty please while rereading the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.


Sexy lingerie and Things offers an interesting array of products in their Fifty Shades Darker section which I’m excited to order from this weekend. Every time I read this series, I list what my soft and hard limits would be although I’m not sure the BDSM life is the life for Bri. If any of my readers do partake in this lifestyle I would love to hear about it! Feel free to contact me through email, any social media platform or in the comments section below!

What I’m listening to-  This week I decided I’d like to switch things up on my morning commute by listening to podcasts. I turned to Spotify and began scrolling through the thousands of available channels and found two I’d like to listen to regularly; Inner Hoe Uprising and Real Simple’s Podcast. I listened to a few episodes on Real Simple and I enjoy how they give me advice on how to do adult things without sounding condescending or making me feel dumb. I’m super excited to begin listening to the Inner Hoe Uprising podcast, mostly cause the title of it speaks volumes to me.

What I’m wearing- This week I discovered my favorite new pair of panties at Walmart (seriously.) The panties I purchased for the first time from somewhere other than Victoria’s Secret are lace boy shorts that were just below $4 and probably the best thing I ever discovered at Wally world. Not only are they extremely comfortable, they’re also extremely sexy. The whole pantie is lace and from the front could pass as boy shorts. They back is a whole different sexy story. Not only does my ass look completely phenomenal covered in the delicate lace, they are also wedgie free! Ladies, I recommend these panties 100% and hope to buy a few more pair for myself.(I also plan on doing a separate review for these panties at a later date, so stay tuned!)

What I’m doing this weekend- This weekend I hope to visit an adult shop for the first time ever ! I don’t know why I haven’t yet but this is going to be one heck of an experience and I’m fully prepared to find some fun stuff to play with this weekend. I intended on going on this trip strictly for educational purchases but the “after dark Bri” is fully prepared with the $100 bill tucked away in my wallet especially for this event.

What I’m looking forward to next month- Next month I’m hoping my hard work pays off during these 70 hour work weeks with the hopes of purchasing podcast equipment! If you’d like to make a donation for Off White’s upgrade, please contact me at brizurc@gmail.com , any amount is appreciated ! That’s right, Off White is on its way to introducing a podcast! I made the elaborate decision when I discovered how funny I really am during Snapchat rants. What could I possibly talk about during a forty-five minute podcast you ask? Here’s a hint: sex in society, sexual things, and sexy stuff.  Stay tuned during these groovy changes !

What else is new- This week I’m participating in a first time activity- it’s my first time buying a sex toy! While some of my friends have already strolled across this bridge, I’m pretty excited and nervous to do so myself. Awkwardly, I will also be reviewing a sex toy for the first time ever and your feedback would be appreciated so much! Stay tuned for Off White’s review !


Until next time,

xxo Bri


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