A College Monday

6:30 AM

My alarm went off too early this morning. It was too early to start my day so I treated myself to breakfast in bed.

7:00 AM

When I finally got out of bed, I had to drag myself to the shower. I figured it was a good morning for a relaxing soak but I had a rather rough time getting in the tub.

7:45 AM

After taking some time to get myself together, I got a ride to school. I let the wind blow through my hair, it was nice.

8:00 AM

When I got to my first class, my professor surprised us with a pop quiz. Not surprised.

9:00 AM

I got a treat for actually going to my 8:00 AM on a Monday morning.

10:00 AM

I had to give a presentation. Public speaking always makes me a tad uncomfortable.

11:00 AM

I was torn between taking a nap and having lunch. I decided on pizza.

11:30 AM

I remembered I had an important test tomorrow that I had yet to start studying for

12:00 PM

I tried to study, but I ended up taking a nap instead.

2:00 PM

When I woke up I knew I had to study, but instead I procrastinated. I did everything, except study.

2:30 PM

I even spent some time at the gym.

3:30 PM

I rewarded myself for going to the gym with a new pair of shoes.

4:00 PM

I finally sat down and did some studying.

5:00 PM

Afterward, I met up with some new friends and hung out for a bit.

6:00 PM

I hit it off with a new friend so we went out for a drink.

7:00 PM

Things got pretty strange, pretty early. I decided to not to go for drinks on a Monday ever again.

7:30 PM

I cheated on my diet and had a cupcake before dinner.

8:00 PM

I really contemplated it but ended up cheating on my diet again and had a cupcake for dinner.

8:30 PM

My roommate found out I ate all the cupcakes. She was pretty upset.

9:00 PM

I baked cookies to make up for the cupcakes, I felt pretty bad about what I had done.

10:00 PM

After making up with my roommate, I was ready to finally go to bed.


This was originally posted here, on The Odyssey Online.

Until next time,

xxo Bri


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