I recently came across a WordPress blog by The Millionaire Digest listing and explaining seven ways to enhance your sex life. I couldn’t believe someone actually let their readers believe these things would effect their sex lives. From research, personal experience, and frequently asking questions to anyone that will answer, I refuse to believe several things on this list will impact ones sex life.

This is my opinion.

You can check this blog out here if you’d like. Below I will post the author’s ways to enhance your sex life in red- number. what it is – my view.  My view is a brief statement on why I believe it’s bullshit.

Have you ever changed one of these & had a positive impact on your sex life? Let me know below in a comment!

1. SHAVE – Copeland, the author of this article writes, “No man wants to enjoy his treats, when it’s all messy and stinky. Hair does cause an odor! A Woman MUST be shaved from the beginning of her bikini line to the crack of her buttocks. The last thing you’d want is to make a terrible first impression.”

I can honestly say I’ve never had a partner refuse giving oral or sex because of  a little hair down there. (I do groom so maybe stubble or a few days of growing don’t compare to a full on bush, but hair is hair.)

Yeah, no man wants to munch on something messy or stinky, but if you have good personal hygiene, which is more important for your overall health than your sex life, this shouldn’t be an issue. Hair does cause an odor, but if you groom accordingly, your bush should not be stinky. A WOMAN DOES NOT HAVE TO SHAVE ANYTHING SHE DOESN’T WANT TO SHAVE. Her body, her choice. And if the barely-there hair from my bikini line to my ass crack leaves a bad first impression, chances are it was probably a one time thing anyway.

I’m no expert on what men want or pubic hair, but I am aware there is a category on Pornhub for fans of the hair, so clearly someone out there doesn’t mind.

2. APPEARANCE- The author ceases to amaze me as she writes, “I’m not a man, but I’m sure that they get tired of seeing women come to bed in just bare skin. Try some lingerie, heels, perfume, and have your hair done nicely. I’m not saying that you need to look like a model, but you need to keep him from having thoughts of leaving you, because of what you fail to explore. “

I’ve never met a male that didn’t enjoy seeing a naked woman. A bare female body is one of the most beautiful things we have the pleasure of observing. I don’t think dressing up in the bedroom will keep a man from leaving you- if he wants to go, he’s going to go. Also, I personally don’t see any point in doing my hair nicely just to hop into bed. If he’s doing it right, your hair will be irrelevant between the sheets. Lingerie and heals are fun and add excitement in the bedroom, so Copeland is right about something. I enjoy how they make me feel more confident and sexy however I like being sexy for me. You won’t catch me in red bottom heels just to keep a man from leaving.

5. LESS TALK, MORE MOTION- “How can you enjoy the journey, when all you want to do is talk?”  Uh, real easy Copeland. I believe the author just has a distorted idea of dirty talk  because she makes it seem as if it’s an on-going conversation. Understandably, this is one thing that varies based on preference but if 4. Creativeness is only limited to physical features, I am as good as screwed (HAHA see what I did there?). As I stated in last week’s 20 questions , I am a naturally goofy person, so regardless if it’s dirty talk or a random funny thought, I see no reason why the bedroom is the one place to keep your thoughts to yourself. If I am going to share my body with you, you bet your ass I’m sharing my words too.

6. A GOOD PLAYLIST- My 20 questions post also addresses how I feel about “grooving to the groove.” While it can nice to have background noise, I personally feel like creating a playlist specifically to bang to is just a bit much. If the music is enough to throw a mood off, maybe the physical chemistry just isn’t there either. If the thong song comes on and I’m not singing along, I’d say we’re in a good place.

The remaining three may play some role in your sex life overall, but the number one factor Copeland hit is number seven.

7. BE COMFORTABLE WITH YOU- I believe a person’s self esteem plays a major role in their sex life. I personally started enjoying sex more when I became more comfortable in my skin. When you pay more attention to the act rather than what you may look like doing it, sex becomes more enjoyable and fun. Losing interest in the possibility of embarrassing yourself,  may lead you to discover some really amazing things your body does when your mind is in the moment. 

Overall, Copeland’s article is an interesting read that helped me better understand my views on hooking up. Check it out and let me know what you think in a comment below!

Until next time,

xxo Bri


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