Freaky Friday : 20 Questions

Hey guys, it’s Freaky Friday ! I’ve been exploring a lot of blogs lately and noticed little quizzes and tags on fellow writer’s pages. I like that it created a genuine connection between writer and reader and also gave me an understanding of where they’re coming from in their writing.

I wanted to answer 20 questions with the birds & the bees in mind so this is your warning. (Mom if you’re reading this, go read something else. Seriously.)
Some of these questions and answers may be a little racy so if you’re easily offended, check out my post on my favorite apps!

Shout out to my Snapchatters that asked questions. I chose my favorite questions and here’s what I came up with!  The help was much appreciated.

Feel free to answer these on your blog & don’t forget to tag me so I can get to know you all better as well!

Do you believe sex should only be experienced between two people in love? Why/not?

  • I do not believe sex should only be experienced between two people in love. Due to some events in my past, I believe sex is simply a physical experience rather than an emotional experience and my inability to create a connection between sex and love allows me to view it as something that could occur between two complete strangers, and still be an amazing experience. Or sexperience, if I may.

Have you ever been walked in on/interrupted during sex/a sexual encounter?

  • I have been walked in on during a sexual encounter. I am happy to say that it’s never happened with someone related to me. Unfortunately, when I was in high school, the mother of my boy friend at the time, walked in on us fooling around. She never said anything about it, but it was hard to look her in the face after that.

Where was the strangest place you’ve ever fooled around?

  • Ah the strangest place would have to be on a fishing dock. It was a one time thing, probably.

Lights on or off?

  • When it comes down to it, I really don’t have a preference. I’m usually too caught up in the actions to notice or care honestly. More often than not, I let the other person decide because to me, it doesn’t matter.

 What is your biggest turn off?

  • I can’t stand when guys try to set the mood with some 80’s and 90’s R&B like Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye. At first I may not even notice there’s music playing, but once I notice it feels way too cheesy and set up. If a guy has a playlist already made for this occasion and it’s playing before he even makes a move, it’s an automatic no-go, even if I show up with those same intentions. I’m not sure why but it’s more of a mood killer than a mood setter for me.

Have you ever been inside a gentleman’s club?

  • Not yet, keyword being yet.

Is laughing in the bedroom okay with you or do you prefer keeping things serious?

  • I’m a naturally goofy person so laughing during sex isn’t really weird or unheard of for me. And beside that, sex isn’t a business deal, so it’s really not that serious to begin with, in my opinion. If we’re comfortable enough to be naked in front of each other, we should be comfortable enough to laugh in front of each other as well.

How many ex’s numbers are still in your phone?

  • I keep all my ex’s numbers so I know when not to answer the phone. HAHA I’m kidding, I’ve only been in four serious relationships and despite the way the relationships ended (all of them disastrous,) I became acquaintances with my ex’s at some point after the relationship ended, usually when we were both getting closure.

What do you think of open relationships?

  • I’ve personally never been in an open relationship because I’m an extremely jealous person which is something I’m currently working on. I admire people in open relationships  because I imagine they are extremely secure with themselves and to me, that’s admirable. I just am not one for sharing probably because I can be an attention whore, and I also think I would feel like I’m not enough because my significant other still wants others.

What is your opinion of hickies?

  • I am a huge fan of hickies but I only allow them in relationships. I would not let a hookup leave a hickie, just because I view that as a person’s way of marking their territory. I realize with growing older, it’s less appropriate to have visible hickies because of work and societal norms but I love secrets so having hickies on me that no one else can see, but I know are there, is thrilling to me. It does make me cringe when I see people with their necks covered in hickies just because I personally think there are more exciting places to get hickies that won’t make people question if you’re love bitten or in an abusive relationship.

Ever get your neighbors angry because of how loud you were in the bedroom?

  • Every neighbor I’ve ever had hated me I think. Recently, I had one neighbor that tried to have loud revenge morning sex before finals week to get back at me for keeping her awake/waking her up the entire semester. It backfired on her, I let out some convincingly loud screams the entire time I was doing my finance homework that morning.

Which is more important: the size of the boat or the motion of the ocean?

  • I believe these are both pretty important facts however, I understand the only thing you need to start a fire is sticks so I guess I’ll have to go with the motion of the ocean today hahaha.

What’s the most sensitive part of your body?

  • My most sensitive spot is definitely the back of my neck. Kiss it, grab it, lick it, I don’t mind, but if you tickle it IDFWU.

Have you had or would you try a Fifty Shades of Grey type of relationship?

  • I have never been in a relationship similar to Mr. Grey & Ms. Steele but honestly, if the relationship was exactly like the books & movies, I wouldn’t mind trying it. Mr. Grey is yummy looking and I love being spoiled and submissive so I think it would be a thrilling experience.

Have you had or would you consider having a sugar daddy/mommy?

  • I’ve never had a sugar daddy but I have always been attracted to the sugar baby lifestyle. I don’t see anything wrong with someone benefiting solely off their looks. Indirectly, to me, it’s the same as “shaking what your momma gave ya” so if the opportunity presented itself to me, I would consider it.

How do you deal with someone who you are not attracted to that is making advances on you?

  • I typically try to reiterate how much of a good friend they are and if it continues, then I’m straight up. I don’t like being led on so I try not to do it to others. I use the same line every time, “I hope you don’t feel like I’m leading you on, you’re just a really friend to me and I appreciate that. I don’t see you as more than that though.” If they don’t take the hint after that and their feelings end up hurt, that’s on them.

How long does intercourse typically last for most people?

  • From my personal experience, I would say on average about an hour. Quickies typically lasts about ten to fifteen minutes. Both of those stats are solely based on my own experiences so just remember, the length varies for everyone !

Would you ever fake an orgasm to make your partner feel better about themselves?

  • I did do this when I was younger because I just figured, that was the polite thing to do. Today, I refuse to do this. I don’t believe its beneficial to either of us; I’d rather teach him what feels good and help him out then partake in a physical activity that doesn’t benefit me whatsoever. Sure he may be a bit embarrassed but at the same time, I feel like men are super open to suggesting things that feel better to women, so women should have the same courtesy.

Has anyone ever gone beyond your personal line of respect sexually?

  • Not that I can recall, I’m also a pretty vocal person in the bedroom so I feel as though others are usually informed as to what I like & expect and where I’m not willing to go whatsoever.

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Until next time,

xxo Bri


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