Thank You To My Forever Friends

This past weekend, I bumped into my best friend from high school. Since graduation we both headed our separate ways but it was like no time had passed between the two of us once we started catching up. The questions we asked about things we said we would do one day, laughing at how things turned out despite all the panic attacks we shared, it was like we had traveled back in time and had never went in different directions after graduation. Forever friends are those friends you always meet up to have dinner with when you all find time in your crazy schedules to have one common night of freedom. They’re the friends that really have your back, no matter what.

I can’t help but beam smiles when a forever friend walks back into my life especially when I need support. I often feel bad for not reaching out more to these friends, but we all grow up. We get busy with significant others, school, jobs, families. Finding time to catch up and live in the past for a little gets hard to do. I’m grateful that I have forever friends willing to take that time to do something after not seeing each other for months at a time.

The greatest thing about forever friends is that they know you so well. No matter what is going on current day, they know the face you make when you’re fighting back tears, the weird sounds you make when you eat, the hideous laugh-sound you make when you see or hear something beyond hilarious. It’s just the comforting feeling that returns when you don’t have to explain yourself, because your forever friends just know you that well.

I have always viewed my forever friends as my soul mates. It’s like I know they’re meant to be in my life regardless of how active they are in it. One good example of this is my high school best friend. We talked and planned our lives after high school, imagining our best friendship would last through anything life through our way. Unfortunately we had a huge falling out before graduation and spent some time apart from each other (best friend break ups are the worst break ups.) Midsummer we both contacted each other at the same time confessing how much we missed each other and how laughed at how silly we both had acted. We didn’t have the same type of relationship after the fight, but in a way we had connected even more. We had formed a bond that allowed us to be best friends without speaking very often or hanging out every day.

At this point, I would like to say thank you to my forever friends; Thank you for making me laugh every day when I reminisce on the good old days with you by my side. Thank you for lending me your shoulder to cry on after being apart for nearly half a year. Thank you for always hugging my parents and asking them how I’m doing when you see them in public. Thank you for never forgetting a birthday, holiday, or special event. Thank you for knowing my favorite color, food, and movie off the top of your head. Thank you for loving my crazy, cranky self. Thank you for all the laughter, memories, and happiness. Lastly, thank you for being my best friend forever.

Click here to view this article which was posted on The Odyssey Online on August 23, 2016.

Until next time,

xxo Bri



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