Google Maps Assignment

Dr. Martin came up with a creative assignment due this week. It’s purpose is to better understand ourselves, not only from a scholarly standpoint, but a personal one as well. While working on this assignment, I’ve learned the basis of my approach to rhetorical analysis and based on my past I tend to approach an argument using logic mostly. I also notice the role of emotional appeal in my writing due to my sentimental and empathetic nature.

After I complete the assignment and submit it to my professor, I will try to attach an image or link to my map.

Click here to view my map.

For this assignment, the points on the map are to identify places, people, and events that made me who I am today. Some of these places include important role models, impacting events, and scholarly institutions. These points illustrate in a constellation the make geographical make up of myself and it was exciting to watch this constellation become on my screen.

There are several pins that are extremely important to myself, that I would enjoy dedicating a blog post to for my Rhetoric class. Also note that due to the more personal nature of my blog, the pins that are included were decidedly too personal for a scholarly essay on myself so I felt I’d share them here!

  • 185th Street, New York
    •  This is one of the earliest apartments I remember living in as a child. Much of my toddler development occurred here where I learned right from wrong, emotional attachment to intimate objects, and where my parents hid Christmas Presents. Due to a bad memory, there are only key moments of my childhood I can recall from this place. One of them being when I cut my long curly hair with plastic Cabbage Patch doll scissors while all four of my older brothers were watching television with my father. My mother was the one who discovered the curly hair all over the floor. That was also the first time I did something wrong that I didn’t get in serious trouble, the downside was I learned at an early age that I despised having short curly hair. This is when I learned for every action of mine, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
  • Victor’s Café, New York
    • The first time I stepped into this restaurant it was by complete chance. It wasn’t until after I had left when I learned the significance of this restaurant in my life. My mother had told me that her grandfather used to often take her to this restaurant when she was younger. The vibes and service here was so comforting and welcoming. I never met my great grandfather, but after hearing many stories about him I felt deeply connected to him; we have a lot in common. The day I ended up at this restaurant, I was walking around New York City with my at the time boyfriend two weeks before he was set to be relocated to San Diego, California . We sat down and had a delicious lunch or swordfish, rice, and beans served with white Sangria. When it was time for dessert, Adam decided it was the perfect occasion to place an engagement ring in a bowl of black beans. Due to my wallflower nature, I was blushing with embarrassment when the man sitting in front of me ended up beside me on one knee and the attention of the entire restaurant. Walking down Broadway that morning, I never would’ve thought Victor’s Café would be the place where my entire life changed.
  • Charlie the Beta Fish
    • IMG_0173
    • Charlie was the first pet I ever purchased and took care of on my own (for the most part.) Unfortunately Charlie is no longer with us, but he did leave behind important lessons with me. I learned that not becoming a teen mom was the best thing I ever did because I could barely take care of a fish, I doubt I could’ve ever managed a child. I learned the importance of not always putting myself first but also being at the age where I have every right to put myself first. I learned not to trust my father to take care of my fish during my moving process, and also responsibility because I shouldn’t have depended on someone else to take care of my fish child while I was busy playing a role in my life. While it has only been a few months since his passing, Charlie’s memory reminds me that just because I am restless and want a new fish now, it is better to consider the future when making present day spontaneous decisions.
  • Stella the Gerbil
    • My gerbil child, Stella, continued the lesson I had learned from Charlie. After dropping nearly $100 on a random Thursday, I snuck into my parents house with a gerbil, a cage, and a bag of seed and oat mix. I was so excited to begin my new mommy adventure as a single pet mom of two. While things were going great with Charlie, I felt I was prepared to extend my pet family. During this time I was working full time so I had the luxury of going to work and then going home to take care of my animals. After several failed attempts to bond with Stella, I decided it was time to go back to college and that the type of relationship I had hoped to achieve with my gerbil just couldn’t be gained yet. I didn’t have the time or the patience. Stella taught me something very important that I constantly think of during my day to day life. She taught me that I can’t use small, irrelevant distractions to distract me from my overall life goal and the daily tasks I need to perform to achieve my dreams. I ended up giving Stella up for adoption to an amazing family friend who changed her name to Bacon. It was a sad day, especially considering I had just recently held her for the first time (and she bit me.)

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Until next time,

xo Bri


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