During the first week of class we learned the five canons of rhetoric- invention, arrangement, style, memory, and delivery. While brainstorming for my rhetorical analysis paper, I considered these five canons and the important role they each played in the paper writing process.

The next major assignment for Dr. Martin’s class consists of a four to five page rhetorical analysis paper. The paper’s topic deals with the rhetorical analysis of two articles on a current event with different view points on an issue. To complete this paper, my fellow students and I must perform rhetorical analysis on both articles.

In the invention canon of rhetorical analysis, I brainstorm which current events I am informed and opinionated on. I then consider current events that don’t make sense to me or I am in- or misinformed on. When considering both of these things I consider the current event issue dealing with cannabis legalization. As a former resident of California and a marijuana enthusiast there are several questions I asked myself concerning the issue including: what I know about the topic, what I don’t know about the topic, and what I want to know about the topic.

One thing I do know about the legalization of recreational use of marijuana is that business owners involved in this field are deeply struggling. Due to the federal laws prohibiting the recreational use of marijuana, many banks do not wish to assist these businesses. This creates numerous problems for both parties. While the banks recognize the business as committing illegal activity, the bank system is greatly missing out on the cash flow provided by these businesses. The marijuana distribution businesses struggle for several reasons. One major issue of these businesses face is the dangers of holding large amounts of cash in their business at once. Because they cannot deposit their money into a safe location, these businesses are highly at risk of robberies. At the same time, these businesses often lack the money counting machines that would greatly benefit their companies in regards to the accuracy of profit and expenses. While counting money isn’t so difficult, money counting machines provide Individuals with a peace of mind.This also creates an issue for businesses in regards to tax season. Because they are a business that provides a federally illegal service, this causes  confusion for businesses when filing their taxes. Some of this information I received from watching a documentary on Netflix that was released shortly after marijuana became legal in Colorado. While reading some headlines, I also discovered that this new legal activity had brought in an extremely high amount of revenue for the state. This money was used for things such as paving roads and public school systems in the state of Colorado.

Possibly due to my personal views on marijuana, I found it quite difficult to consider the negative effects of the legalization of marijuana. Not only did this law bring in a large amount of revenue for the state, it also lowered the crime rate in Colorado!

One question that came up in class when discussing this issue was: “How do states break federal laws yet expect citizens of the state to follow the law?” This question allowed me to consider the negative effect of the legalization. While this would not be the first thing considered when discussing the issue, it still is a very important thing to question. What places the states above federal laws yet not the citizens of the state?

Considering all of these things when brainstorming for my paper allows me to have a better understand of the steps I will take when writing this paper. Because this topic has so many subtopics within it, brainstorming allows me to decide which topic especially involving the legalization of marijuana I would like to consider for my paper.

Until next time,

xxo Bri


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