My final Bible as Literature post

Happy Thanksgiving!

As I sit here and write my final blog post for Bible as Literature, I begin to ponder all I’ve learned in this class.

I went into this class as a student of the catholic school system for seven years and the public-school system for seven years. So my approach on the class was a little biased considering I had some idea of what we were talking about in class each day due to my catholic school education.

At the beginning of the semester I asked myself: what do I want to get out of this class? Aside from a good grade, I wanted to have a better understanding of what I was taught growing up. I wanted to better understand the Book that had played such a major role in my life. As an English major, it only seemed natural to take English 221 : Bible as Literature.

Doctor Martin has been an amazing professor. I really am glad he was the one teaching the course because his history allowed him to have a deeper connection to what he was teaching.

My favorite professors are the ones that are truly passionate about what they are teaching. My Art History professor displays similar traits, in that she is very enthusiastic while teaching. She has been an Art Historian for many years, and does not only teach about art, but studies it as well. While she ties in personal stories to her teachings, it makes what we are learning about more intriguing. It makes it [the art] seem more real, if that makes sense.

Dr. Martin also does this in class; he refers to when he was a church pastor. While he is very connected to what he is teaching, it makes the material more interesting and easier to understand, in my opinion.

This last week of class I will be finishing my major paper and begin studying for our final. I am very very nervous about the final and I know I need to study just as much as I did for my midterm.

Yesterday my class had to post a discussion about how far along we are on our papers, what they are about, and ask the class for any advice they may need.

I am basically done with my research for the paper and am gathering a few as I write my paper. I did have some problems finding peer-reviewed journals for biblical poetry. It was very frustrating. I am very glad that I have this paper in Dr. Martin’s class because I feel it has made me a better scholarly writer. Now that I am aware of how to use school library databases better, I feel I will do better on future papers for all my classes.

Another thing that was due in Bible as Literature was our movie papers. This week’s class movie was “The Passion of the Christ.” I showed up to the movie but unfortunately had to leave early for an emergency. Fortunately for my situation, only three other people in the class showed up, so the movie was canceled. Also, another plus of showing up was the bonus points we are receiving for attending the movie.

In my movie paper, I discussed how American citizens reacted to the movie’s release. It was no surprise to me how well “The Passion of the Christ” had done in the box office, as I remember many adults in my life had stated they had seen or were planning to see the movie. It did very well compared to another movie that was released the same night, “Barber Shop 2.” I believe the research I presented in my paper states that “The Passion of the Christ” made three times as much as “Barber Shop 2.”

While I am sad that this class is ending, I am very excited to be returning home for a little while. Have a wonderful holiday season!!

Until next time,

xxo Bri


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