My Term Paper

So one requirement for this class is the major paper that’s due on December 5th. For my paper I decided I will be analyzing comparisons and contrasts of biblical poetry as opposed to non-biblical poetry. To do this I have chosen four themes; life, love, death, and nature, to compare and contrast. By picking certain themes, I am allowing myself to maintain an organized and clear focus on the task at hand.

I am interested in this analysis because I would like to see how both biblical and non-biblical poetry cover similar themes with different approaches while still getting their message across. So far in my research I have noticed several differences.

One major difference (obviously) is the biblical poetry often referring to a higher being while non-biblical poetry portrays the theme simply without referring to a higher being (most times.) This is interesting to me because it sometimes affects the message of the poem. While non-biblical poem portrays things just as they are, biblical poem often gives reason to why things are how they are. For example, a non-biblical poem about death would illustrate grieving, sadness, and possibly confusion, while a biblical poem may refer to the deceased being in a “better place with God.” This makes the tone of each poem different, while one would be sad and gloomy, the other may be hopeful and positive in mourning (better place.)

Another major difference in the poems are the use of poetic devices. So far in my research, it has been difficult for me to find biblical poems with personification, while non-biblical poems often use this descriptive tool. Non-biblical poems seem to have more of a descriptive aspect, in terms referring to the sky as “a beautiful blue oasis” rather than “the sky.”

Biblical poems also usually follow an equation; thanks to/because of God = topic/theme. Non-biblical poems may use poetic devices to effect their image, such as writing in stanza form, they don’t usually all refer to one person/ thing, as biblical poems do.

When I first picked this topic while writing my proposal I was honestly nervous I had challenged myself too hard. Now that I have done some research and began to structure my paper, I am more excited to complete my work and reread the final product. One difficult part of writing this paper was choosing which poems to analyze. I decided to choose biblical poetry and non-biblical poetry from a similar time period, as writing changes as time passes usually and I wanted the poems to have a similar writing style.

I am hoping my professor enjoys reading the analysis as much as I have enjoyed analyzing these poems when it is time to turn in my paper. I believe this paper would be useful to other scholars, even in the religious field, to observe how different groups of people discuss similar themes and topics in different ways. This can also help an individual better understand religion and God and may even lead to an interest in studying the bible as literature (which I would definitely recommend!!)


Until next time,

xxo Bri


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