College Fees

After viewing Bloomsburg’s list of student fees that each student pays in order to attend school, I realized that my tuition wasn’t that bad; it’s the ridiculous fees that kill me! Let’s walk through these as we keep in mind that secondary education institutions are now also known as businesses and not just providers of education.

We start of with the typical Student Union fee, which was not an actual fee during the 2016-2017 school year. The Student Union Operation fee however is $108.75 a semester, or $217.50 a school year. This fee is charged by the campus’ student government in order to pay for the Kehr Union Building on campus. A few things this building houses are the student health center, multiple study rooms, the Husky (so yummy,) Student affairs offices, and the school bookstore.

Next, we pay a Recreation fee of $91 per semester, or $182 a school year. For students that never step foot in the gym all four years, till is an unused $728 gym membership. Fortunately for students that do utilize the gym, this fee allows the gym to have up-to-date workout machines, free workout classes for students and professors, multiple basketball and wall ball courts, and multiple weight lifting spaces. (This fee was my gym motivation!)

Then there’s the community activities fees. This fee is $151.75 a semester, which is $303.75 a year.This basically allows students to do fun things on campus and attend sporting events for free.

Next there’s the technology student fee. All  technology on campus (computers, smart boards, etc.) are supported by this fee. This one is extremely useful in my everyday life considering I’ve had to contact the tech team a few times this semester and I’m at the library (more than I should be) to use their computers.

Then we get to the University Fees. This is broken down into categories, mostly made up by the university so that they can say (without lying) that the university tuition ONLY went up a small percentage.

First, we have the Health & Wellness Fee. This fee is understandable as this allows students to utilize the University’s health clinic with very minimal cost if any. The fee for a semester is $123.25 , while the fee for a school year is $246.50.

Second, we have an Academic Enhancement Fee. This fee supports “general instructional operations and academic facilities’ needs.” In my opinion, that’s fancy for “Tuition Fee.” I believe my tuition also covers the cost of the description of the Academic Fee. Necessary? No. Is college a business ? Yes. This fee is an additional $384.50 a semester, $769 a year going toward something my tuition already covers. But hey, at least tuition only went up 5%!

Third, we have my personal favorite, a Student Success Fee of $300 a semester, $600 a school year. According to Bloomsburg University ‘s website this fee ” will be used to maintain or enhance student academic support services, experiential learning opportunities outside of the classroom, and other initiatives that contribute to student success.” This fee is guaranteeing my success after my graduation from this institution. Over the next three years, this fee will boost my chances of success by $1,800. Will I ever see that money again? If this fee has anything to say about it I sure will! Is an institution really allowed to charge for something that isn’t guaranteed?

Don’t they already  kind of do that anyway?

So while I am an extra $1,800 in debt for my education, at least the University has charged me my success fee already.

For more information on Bloomsburg University’s college fees, visit !

Until next time,

xxo Bri


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