Another Movie Night

Two weeks ago, my class met to watch The Ten Commandments. It’s not something I would pop in the DVD player on a Friday night, but I can’t say it was bad. In perspective of the time it was released (1956) this movie would have been totally moving to me. I can say the thing I enjoyed most about this movie was the interpretation of fashion in Egypt.


While I enjoyed it, I’m not sure it was historically accurate.

This movie put into perspective that these passages are more than just stories, they are history. It put a present day view on something ancient.

mosesI imagined how the people in the movie would speak if they used the same diction as me. HILARIOUS. For one, it made the bible a little more relatable. These were, after all, people just like me. This was mentioned today in a class discussion. Dr. Martin said that God uses less than perfect people to act through in the Bible to show that you don’t need to be perfect for God to work through you. Granted, I’m not gathering two of every animal before a flood, I realized that God is still working through me, on a much smaller scale.

By much smaller scale, I mean something simple like making someone laugh.

Today we see religious symbolism everywhere; on money, television, and clothing. This book has influenced so much of our world, some of which often goes unnoticed.


Since I’ve begun the course, I’ve started to notice more of these symbols in my everyday life. From the cash and coins in my wallet, to the bible on my bookshelf, I’m beginning to notice how religion is present everywhere around me.

Prior to coming to college I never really pondered the relation of different religions to each other. My American Literature put everything into perspective when my professor said “Religion is divided in the different things people think happen when we die.” I laughed because it’s kinda true. I was told growing up Catholic that when I die, I will go to purgatory and wait until God decides if I’m going to heaven or hell. At 20 years old, my views have changed substantially. Now I’d like to believe that by accepting that Jesus died for my sins I will be going to heaven no matter what. So whatever group says that, that’s the one I’m going with.

That’s basically how religion works right?



Until next time,

xxo Bri


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