Monday Funday?

This day of the week has always been the worst for many. Although I don’t really enjoy them, I wouldn’t say I hate Mondays.

This morning was different though. This morning, my roommate woke me up because the fire alarms in our building were going off. Since I can sleep through absolutely anything, I assumed she was waking me up because I had slept through my alarm. Finally, realizing what she was saying I went to the door and saw our neighbors also in the hallway. When you wake people up at 4:00 A.M and they don’t feel, hear, see, or smell danger, they just want to know why they were woken up. After spending around ten to fifteen minutes outside in the cold, we were finally allowed back into the building. I am such a deep sleeper but I have the worst time falling back to sleep after being up. I must have dozed off an hour before my alarm went off. I hit snooze and refused to believe it was already time to get up. Remembering I had Bible as Literature this morning made me hop out of bed before my alarm went off again.

Last Friday in class we had discussed the two creation stories our copies of The New Oxford Annotated Bible. In the past when I had heard the term “creation story,” I would refer to Genesis 1:1-2:4. Dr. Martin said that most people only recognize one creation story, either the creation of the earth or the story of Adam and Eve. I hadn’t realized prior that both stories are technically creation stories. During that lecture Dr. Martin said, “The bible is a love story between the creator and things created.” I felt the need to write this down because it was an interesting way to view the bible: as a love story.

We also lightly discussed how names in the Bible all have a meaning. One example Dr. Martin pointed out is Adam which is the Hebrew word for human. Isn’t that interesting ? That led me to look up the meaning of my name at (I found out my name is of Irish origin and Brianna means high and noble!) Anyway, also on that website I looked up other names found throughout the bible:

  • Eve – Life
  • Noah – Rest, Peace
  • David – Beloved
  • Joshua – “God is Salvation”
  • Joseph – “God will increase”
  • Naomi – Beautiful , Gentle


So as I listen to the church bells ring, I will conclude this post with today’s lecture in Bible as Literature. We continued our discussion about the creation stories and what it means to give the Bible authority. I had often wondered why the Bible could always be found in hotel bedside night stands, why I could just never let myself place my Bible on the floor. So I can see the bible authority in action but why? Later in the class Dr. Martin stated, “We give the Bible authority because somehow we can place it in a time period.” We discussed what that meant; whether our seconds, minutes, hours, days, and years were equivalent to when God’s creation was taking place.

I stopped and thought of how absolutely phenomenal this whole thing is. I got that, “Wow, there’s something bigger out there,” sort of feeling, and then class ended. As I walked home, I started to think about something Dr. Martin had said that had stuck with me, “We read the Bible with our 21st century glasses on.” I thought of how different Bloomsburg must have looked in the 70’s. I couldn’t really try to imagine it back when the Bible was created, I just kept picturing cowboys and tumbleweeds covering Main street.

Until next time,

xxo Bri



One comment

  1. Bri,

    I had actually noticed in class when I noted the idea of a love story between creator and creature that you went to you notes and began to write. I appreciate your reflection on that and the reflection in your posting in general. What I am hoping the first three weeks of class offers is not that the Bible is something to be suspicious of, but rather in its complexity it is worth even more so, our examination and careful consideration.

    Thank you again for your thoughts and reflections.

    Dr. Martin


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