One final message from Off White XXO for 2018. (Yes I cried a little while writing this...) This isn't a goodbye, just a see you later, xxo Bri

Watch it: The 80’s

There's a new, musical segment on bCruzxO! This week Watch it features music videos from the year 1980. How many of these songs do you still bump to in the car? xxo Bri

Picture This

Picture This; a blogger that also loves photography...Here's a shout out to my top 10 favorite photographers on the Gram. Thank you for inspiring me and letting me share your work with others. xxo Bri

A blessin’ or a lesson

Today, like clockwork, one of my more recent ex's felt the need to "check up" on me as he recently started doing. This time, rather than feel nostalgic or special, I just felt annoyed. This is a person who I used to wish would just give me a call and now that he does, I … Continue reading A blessin’ or a lesson

The Art of Taking Nudes

Yesterday on my Instagram poll, I asked what you all wanted to read ; a sweet #ThrowitbackThursday post or a spicy one. I realized how silly that was as I wanted the total results before I decided so you spicy voters can enjoy and extra Freaky Friday post! This Friday I'd like to talk about the … Continue reading The Art of Taking Nudes

Sexy States

For posterity sake and the credibility of my expositions, I felt like adding a page to keep track of all the places I've done the dirty. It's just kind of exciting. Pennsylvania Maryland Nebraska Colorado Nevada California Where have you laid your head...or your hat? xxo Bri

Blog #30, Day 116

Wednesday, October 24th, 2018 at 5:00pm Times are a changing to say the least! This is one giant update on all the happenings during a day in the life of Bri, I'm so f*cking excited to tell you guys what's going on! First and foremost, my first segment of Ask Bri was published on BUnow's … Continue reading Blog #30, Day 116